Both photos were taken at the 4th HKICF 2019 | Choreography: Lewis Major(AUS) | Title: EPILOGUE | Performance: Pascal Marty(FR)


2150 EUR
Deposit at Acceptance (non-refundable)

(It can be exchanged for other Unity Space Activities if the Program will be cancelled by Unity Space)

10 x 400 EUR
10 Monthly instalments (Refundable if the artist don’t start the program. As soon as the artist starts the program there is no Refund)


*Different payment plans available and can be arranged individually.

** Financial support for people in need and young artists are available up to 40%. Please enquire via email

Please Note:
*Deposit and Enrollment payments are non-refundable and are part of the overall investment.
*Upon payment of deposit and/or enrollment you agree with the terms and conditions of Unity Space for this specific course.
*Payment Plan is possible to pay in installments which can be arrange with the organisation.
*Deposit, enrollment and tuition can be paid by bank transfer, stickytickets, paypal, or transferwise. We can guide you how to process the payment. (Please Note: Additional handling fee may charge depending on the payment option)
*The full payment for the course need to be completed within the specific dates coordinated by the organization. In the occasion you have arranged a payment plan with the organisation, the full payment will be completed according to the prearranged payment plan.
*There is no early bird price for this program. All investment is fixed because we have to arrange much more in advance and cover expenses of program teachers, venues and accommodation where necessary.
*Program payments will be kept strictly on the dates stated unless it is arranged differently by the organisation.
*If you need to withdraw from the course after your registration, the Cancellation & Refund policy will be immediately applied. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

The investment includes:
*Full PADHA Program enrollment and participation,
*A travel insurance that will cover your trips and the period around the travel that includes possible cancellation, delays, baggage lose and other, as well as medical expenses if needed.
*A full Program manual,
*Program Certification and,
*CBC | FTC Level 1 & 2 ~ Certified *also Levels 3 & 4 if chosen the healing path with extra cost,
*GS | TTC Level 1~ Certified,
*Integrative Somatic Arts | TTC Level 1 ~ Certified,
*Performance choreographed by an established international choreographer,
*Full Participation at the East Point West | IFE festival in Mexico
*Full Participation at the residency in Mexico and performances.
*Full Participation at the 11th No Borders project,
*A one-to-one post program mentorship after graduation (time and date to be arranged individually).

The PADHA program offers several courses, festivals and projects within the one year studies. We share here the costs for each course, festival and project that we already include in the PADHA program, so you have an understanding of your full year investment:


Activity Worth Country
CBC | FTC Level 1 930 EUR Mexico
CBC | FTC Level 2 930 EUR Mexico
Artist in Residency 1500 EUR Mexico
EPW Festival 790 EUR Mexico
Gliding Space | TTC 1700 EUR Athens
Integrative Somatic Arts | TTC 1700 EUR Bali
CBC | FTC Levels 3&4 3500 EUR Bali
10th No Borders project 770 EUR Bali

The total worth of the above included activities is 8,320 EUR or 11,820 EUR

NOTE: We distinguish the PADHA program in two paths
1) Performance
2) Healing
If you wish to take the PERFORMANCE path no extra costs need to be paid. For being part at the HEALING path (taking the CBC | FTC Levels 3 & 4) you will need to invest 2000 EUR on top of the program investment, total will be 8150 EUR (6150 EUR + 2000 EUR for the healing category).

The CBC | FTC Levels 3 & 4 are very specialised courses having an in depth practice and development in healing, somatics and spirituality. Both courses together worth 3500 EUR and we offer them at a subsidised rate to support new dance artists to evolve stronger in dance and healing.

The investment does not include:
*Food at all cities where the program will be taking place,
*Accommodation during the program periods in  Guatemala, Athens, and Bali.
*Flights and transport expenses at all destinations.

Each participant needs to cover the following travel expenses:
*Your origin to Mexico approx ~ 600 EUR
*Depends where you will be to the next destination approx ~ 600 EUR
*Any other shorter destination flights ~ 600 EUR

An extra total of 1500-1800 EUR

Accommodation at an approximate cost as follows:

*Mexico ~ 250 EUR per month
*Bali approx ~ 200 EUR per month
*Other destination ~ 200 EUR per month

Food and local city travel expenses need to be covered by each participant at an approximate cost as follows:
*Athens approx ~ 60 EUR per week
*Bali approx ~ 60 EUR per week
*Mexico approx ~ 60 EUR per week
*Other destination ~ 60 EUR per week



For the accommodations in Mexico Guadalajara you will need to share rooms with one another. We will try our best to have single beds for all participants but at certain instances this might not be possible and same sex dance artists might need to share a double or queen bed.

For accommodation in Athens, Guatemala and any other destinations other than what the organisation covers, you are responsible to find your own preferrable accommodation and we can help you find somewhere near the dance studios as well as at a reasonable cost. We will also bring you in contact with each other participant to coordinate in case you wish to share a room, or house together.


If you are traveling alone and wish to share a room, we will do our best to accommodate you with another same-sex participant who is also traveling solo. In case this is not possible, you will be required to upgrade to a single room. If you book early, there is a better chance that you can share a room with another participant of your preference.


Please make sure that your passport must be valid more than 6 months after your arrival to the location where the course will be held.
Please double-check in advance if you need a visa to enter the country where the course will be held. The participants need to be responsible for taking care of their own visa, and the organizer will not be responsible for a possible failure of the participants visa application. Also, please make sure you are up-to-date on routine vaccines before your trip.

Unity Space, in the occasion that is needed due to C-19 regulations, will sponsor the artists to enter to Bali with valid visas.

Also Unity Space will sponsor the artists to apply for working visa to enter Hong Kong and be part of the HKICF.

For the festival EPW in Kuala Lumpur we will need to follow regulations of entry in the country and adapt according to the latest updated news.


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