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Here at UNITY SPACE, we are driven by a single goal; to bring unity in the world through the arts and spirituality. We believe that authentic human connection is at the root of a unique and wholehearted world for all.

Our focus is on integrating Eastern and Western modalities and philosophies to create holistic, interdisciplinary programs and productions.

UNITY SPACE has been creating numerous international Festivals, Projects, Educational Programs and Artists in Residencies that integrate the arts with healing and life, inclusive to all people, cultures, professions and backgrounds.

We have established synergies with individuals and organizations internationally to find and co-create new avenues for integrating arts and spirituality into the lives of all people.

We are excited to launch new educational programs to enrich educational sectors in the 21st century.  The mission of these programs is to educate and empower people to hold space for, assist, and develop the well-being of communities in the world.

We support and advocate team-work, open-mindedness, and collaborative relationships in all activities we create, because they are fundamental to making a positive impact on the world.

Founded by Vangelis Legakis, Unity Space was created to offer safe environments to the public, one where they can express, learn, co-create, and find integration in their life and career.

Unity Space is a space of integration, where we unite people and cultures within a collective spirit.



We create an environment for people who believe in our vision to develop in life and career. We empower and nurture people to establish holistic practices in their communities and the world.


Unity Space Education offers a range of programs for dance education and well-being, non-profit, and corporate sectors.


In the dance sector, we are offering the one month (200Hrs) Gliding Space | Teachers Training Course and the 1 year Certified Professional Program for dance artists who wish to delve deeper in interdisciplinary holistic dance practice.

Education and Well-Being

In the education and well-being sectors, we offer the Contact Beyond Contact | Facilitators Training Course and Embodied Unity | Advanced Teachers Training Course that are open to all educators, teachers, practitioners in dance and somatics as well as practitioners in other fields of practice such as: psychology, psychotherapy, life coaches, therapists, yoga and qigong as well as people who wish to delve deeper in healing and spirituality and have never had the chance before.


In the non-profit sector, we are excited to offer two programs: New Generations Engagement for school students and the Scheme for Advancing Well-Being in Developing Nations. Unity Space is endeavoring to work hand-to-hand with other like-minded organizations to bring these programs to fruition across the world.


Finally, in the corporate sector we offer our new Transpersonal Leadership Program specifically tailored for different corporates to enhance their group and interpersonal relationships within the work environment for the greater good of the world. Specifically, for this program we are preparing a new website Unity Space Transpersonal, for more visit here and can email us here [email protected]

Legakis and Unity Space team offer a holistic education for opening perspectives and possibilities to many diverse avenues to all people from different backgrounds and professions. Nowadays, dance is crucial in our life to unite people and communities. It is an interactive, participatory and all-inclusive practice that brings people and communities together.


Our Vision is to educate new teachers in holistic, interdisciplinary dance practice integrating Eastern and Western modalities and philosophies to hold space for, assist and develop the communities across the world.


Education is very important to us, we create educational programs, workshops and immersions for bringing people closer to their inner self, to create strong long-lasting relationships and harmonious communities.

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