Integrative Somatic Arts | Teacher Training Course


Integrative Somatic Arts is a fine-tuned movement and healing practice that was developed after many years of research and development in diverse movement, healing and spiritual practices. Its aim is to offer a profound embodied healing practice and at the same time to acknowledge and integrate all the bodies human kind is comprised by: physical, psychological, emotional, and energy bodies.


The ISA practice integrates:

  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Laban & Bartenieff Fundamentals
  • Feldenkrais
  • Yoga & Qigong
  • Craniosacral
  • Cosmic Healing
  • Breathwork
  • Meditations
    • Philosophy of Buddhist and Taoist Traditions


  • Release Technique
  • Authentic Movement
  • Passing Through


The course will specifically focus on the state of BEING instead of DOING. It is a fine-tuned course specifically focusing on a solo practice.

Legakis after many years of dance and healing training and personal development, developed the Integrative Somatic Arts practice that is based on different profound movement styles and languages as well as spirituality and healing modalities embodying the body, mind, heart and the spirit in unique ways.

ISA is not a dance language but it assists greatly for the dancer to move from a profound inner embodied state. It is a practice open to all who are interested in Somatic and Dance practices, Healing and Spirituality.

It is a movement and healing practice that brings you in a state of being in which you transcend through movement, energy, and spirituality.


Welcome to the Integrative Somatic Arts | Teacher Training Course where we will guide you to experience, embody and integrate in body, mind, heart and spirit. We feel that together can make a difference in the world and co-create a harmonious environment for all people.

ISA | TTC is an intensive somatics certification course that is open for dancers, dance teachers, dance educators, as well as any other practitioners who have a practice or want to learn more in somatics.

The course is designed for those who are interested to delve deeper in their personal development and/or for those who wish to teach healing integrative somatic practices as a solo practice one-to-one but also in groups focusing on solos.

The ISA | TTC is specifically designed to integrate eastern embodied practices and philosophies to learn a new practice and achieve a wholesome empirical experience.

This integration allows a genuine connection throughout all bodies (Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit) to heal and find harmony within the self, with a relationship and in our communities. Throughout our life we pass through a lot of physical, emotional and psychological discomforts, illness and disease, even more so injuries in the body often relate to emotional and psychological imbalances that have a great impact in our life.

The ISA | TTC addresses all bodies for a holistic communication and integration of all bodies, and furthermore it enhances the metaphysical aspects of the human organism.

The way the practice is taught is by focusing on how to genuinely hold space, create a safe practice/work environment, as well as lead a group of people to a transformation within a professional field of practice. We refer to as “healing” the integration and harmony of all ‘bodies’ of the human being, what in Greek we call Soma, (where somatics is originates from as well), for creating healthy and holistic relationships with the self, with an-other, with communities and with the world.


  • To train a group of pioneer teachers for the dance, healing, sport and movement industries who can teach and give treatments to people in communities, studios, schools, universities, and other educational institutions as well as in clinics.
  • To endorse teachers who can guide and support people to find their true and unique path in life and career.
  • To introduce profound techniques and exercises that are accessible to all.
  • To offer a coherent somatic practice that connects and integrates the individual self, fine-tunes the communication and understanding of relationships with others, and creates balanced, harmonious communities.
  • To integrate high quality movement practices with healing, energy and embodied disciplines.
  • To nurture and develop embodied practice integrating the body, mind, heart and the spirit.

From this course you will:

  • Learn in depth embodied practices in Experiential Anatomy, 5 Fundamental Developmental Patterns and Somatics,
  • Learn Physiology and Anatomy and how this is applicable in effortless movement through release dance practice
  • Learn Yoga, Qigong and how they interconnect the body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • Learn Cosmic Healing, Breathwork and Craniosacral and how these healing modalities can be interwoven in movement and dance for a greater homeostasis.
  • Gain a clear understanding and knowledge on the integration of fine-tuned embodied movement with healing and spirituality.
  • Receive accreditation to be able to teach and offer treatments.

Who can join this course:

This course is open to people who have an interest in somatic embodied practice and have at least one year of movement and body education or a strong dance or movement background outside tertiary dance education.

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