Program Objectives

The PADHA program is designed to teach and transmit to dance artists contemporary dance techniques, choreography & performance, with an emphasis in embodying & integrating healing & meditation modalities.

• Dance:  Contemporary, Improvisation, Ballet, Somatics, Experiential Anatomy, Bartenieff Fundamentals.

• Choreography: Composition, Dramaturgy, Choreology, Choreoritual.

• Performance: Repertoire, Performance & Theatre Studies, Interpretation, Emotional Training Techniques and Methodologies.

• Healing: Yoga, Qigong, Craniosacral, Thai – Abdominal & Deep Tissue Massage, Breathwork.

• Meditation: Mindfulness, Movement Meditation, Yin & Yang Balance, Vipassana.

• Teaching: Teachers Training Courses with an emphasis on teaching techniques and methodologies in Dance & Healing.


The PADHA program offers you the opportunity to create confidence and vigour to directly work with professional dance artists, to be part in three different international festivals that focus on Choreography, Performance and Personal Development, to choreograph your own productions as well as dance under the guidance of an established industry choreographer who will choreograph a new production. Furthermore you will be part in 4 educational training courses focusing in Dance & Healing through which you will be able to teach the practices right after graduation.

The PADHA program aims to create dance artists that can contribute in the world in the professional dance, performance & choreography sectors as well as in community and wellbeing sectors.

We are living in a time where we are being called to reflect on what we are doing not only about personal interests and motives, but also to understand that what we study and wish to follow as a career path, can actively contribute for a better world. The PADHA is a One Year Professional Program that has been designed specifically to address questions of personal and social development through the medium of dance!

During the dance education as well as right after graduation, dance artists have faced numerous physiological, psychological and emotional challenges that at times have been detrimental to their overall personal development as dance artists but moreover as human beings.
The PADHA program is designed to understand the intrinsic psychological, physical and emotional implications dance artists have to bear and pass through to fulfil their career goals. During the PADHA program you will learn and embody different disciplines in Performing Arts, Healing & Spirituality so as to create a state of development & growth, perseverance & letting go, an ever-expansive state of personal development and the opportunity for finding your unique movement and Dance Identity.

The program is designed specifically to have maximum 12 participants so we can offer the most to each individual. We will care one-to-one for your personal development and growth in dance and life.

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