Program Objectives

We are living in a time where we are being called to reflect on what we are doing not only about personal interests and motives, but also to reflect on how we can contribute into this world we are living all together. The PADHA 1 Year Professional Program has been designed specifically to address all these current questions we are being called primarily as a human but moreover as an artist. We are here to learn, grow, evolve; may dance be the medium for all of us and the world to connect into oneness!

The program is designed specifically to have maximum 16 participants so we can offer the most to each individual. We will care one-to-one for your personal development and growth in dance and life.

This program is designed:

  • To teach new dancers high standards dance and healing integrative modalities and practices.
  • To empower dance artists to perform and dance, as well as choreograph from an integrative perspective taking in account the body, mind, heart and spirit.
  • To create new facilitators and teachers in dance and healing for them to guide and support people to find their true and unique path in life and career.
  • To offer a coherent practice that connects and integrates the individual self, fine-tunes the communication and understanding of relationships with others, and creates balanced and harmonious communities.
  • To integrate high quality movement practices with healing and energy work.
  • To introduce profound techniques and exercises that are accessible to all, that can be practiced individually, with families and small groups and in diverse communities.
  • To teach a practice that nurtures unity and harmony between the body, mind, heart and the spirit.
  • To transform unpreferable emotions and states into preferable; delving into the art of letting go, perseverance and transformation.

And Moreover:

  • To train a group of pioneer teachers for the 21st Century dance industry who can teach the new holistic movement languages of Gliding Space, Contact Beyond Contact and Somatics to communities, studios, schools, universities, and other educational institutions.
  • To endorse teachers who can guide and support dancers to find their true and unique path in life and career.
  • To introduce profound techniques and exercises that are accessible to all dance artists.
  • To create performers and choreographers that can make the change in this world.

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