Photo taken at the PADHA performances in Guadalajara | Choreography: Elia Pangaro (IT)
Title: SPIEGARSI / SPJEGARSI | Performance: Elia Pangaro (IT) and Pierre Dhaveloose (FR)


The PADHA Program  is designed by Unity Space for the dance artists who seek to further develop their professional dance career. Dance artists will have the profound opportunity to delve deeper in different movement & dance styles, somatics, embodiment, healing and spiritual practices to achieve high standards of dance and performance and become a pioneer of the 21st Century dance industry.

Even more unique is that the program will be located in 4 different cities, MEXICO, ATHENS, BALI, COLOMBIA. We will tour in different cities and countries to perform, create, choreograph and learn profound new methods and techniques.

This experience will provide a unique and excellent embodied and integrated state of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

PADHA Program Performances


Note: All Participants need to be committed throughout the full year program

PADHA phonetically sounds like the Greek word PANTA which means everything or always. This brings in mind the Ancient Greek phrase Panta Rhei, as a whole phrase it is “τὰ πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει” (ta panta rhei kai ouden menei), which means “everything flows, and nothing stays.”

What we are experiencing in each moment of now is something that will change. However, each moment of now is what creates who we are and takes us into a journey of evolution, emotional maturity and spiritual growth. Although we live in a world of impermanence each moment is crucial in experiencing life, relationships and our careers.

In the liminal space of everything and always, impermanence and change, this experience will guide you moment to moment to acquire high standards in dance technique, choreography, performance as well as in somatics, healing and spirituality.

The training will be intense throughout the year with daily technique training, theory, research & development and have enough time for integration, personal time, contemplation and meditation.

We are inviting a professional team of teachers to teach and hold space for you, the dance artists who will be the pioneers in the dance industry of today and future.

Unity Space follows a deep practice in TRANSPERSONAL EDUCATION.

Transpersonal means the path one takes with willingness, commitment and dedication in evolving to a person that is beyond mundane and common experiences. Human kind has an immense capability to create and innovate to a greater extent than what we do day-to-day.

For creating a personal transformation we need to focus on strengthening the 8 Transpersonal Disciplines through our physical, psychologica, emotional and spiritual bodies. The PADHA program will offer you the time and space to develop holistically in dance and life.


The program PADHA – Proficiency in Advanced Dance and Healing Arts has specific periods of in depth practice in Dance technique, performance and choreography, Somatics, Healing and Spirituality as well as it includes and integrates several festivals, projects and teachers training courses throughout the full academic year.


*CBC | FTC – Contact Beyond Contact | Facilitators Training Course Levels 1 & 2 (Additional electives: CBC | FTC Levels 3 & 4)
*GS | TTC – Gliding Space | Teachers Training Course Level 1
* ISA | TTC – Integrative Somatic Arts | Teachers Training Course
* IMT | TTC – Integrative Massage Therapy | Teachers Training Course

*2 x Mentored Self-Directed Choreography Projects
*11th No Borders project – Collective Choreography Projects

*Working on a new Performance & Choreography with an established choreographer.
*Working with a new Choreographer during the East Point West Festival.


If for any reason there will be travel restrictions due to Covid-19 or any severe world changes, the PADHA program will be adapted accordingly in schedule – city, teachers and place.

Photo taken at the 4th HKICF 2019
Choreography: Saeed Hani
Performance: Saeed Hani(DE/SYR) & Justyne Li(HK)

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