Focus on Dance and Healing

Dance has always been an activity to connect with one another, nature, earth, ancestors, and the universe (referring to tribal, shamanic, folklore and traditional dances). Historically, people around the world have expressed themselves by moving together to common rhythms – marking significant events like rituals, tribal and also to hallmark important periods rites of passage.

Dance now is open and receptive to new inputs from different forms as well as being part of our everyday life. We move now to a deeper interdisciplinary and multifaceted approach in dance practice that is more physical, improvisational, emotional, compositional, scientific, technological, therapeutic, healing, educational and simultaneously expressive, participatory, dialogic, integrative, interactive, performative and spiritual.

Having such a broad and inclusive spectrum of what dance is, unquestionably, it can enlighten our perspective on life and how we interact and communicate with society.

Studies have shown that the healing power of dance also extends to people experiencing emotional trauma, grief, mental disorders, loss, and chronic illness. When we experience a blockage or a traumatic incident in our mind, body or soul, allowing the body to tell the story through dance can be not only therapeutic but transformational and healing. Research continues to demonstrate the positive benefits of dance on longevity and overall well-being.

Dance can have numerous health benefits including improved strength, cardiovascular function, balance and harmony in body, mind and heart; decreased stress, improved immune system function and promote emotional and psychological well-being as well as coordination and a greater adaptability in unexpected circumstances.

In addition to improving overall physical fitness and ability, movement and dance can offer following benefits:
  • Improved coordination.
  • Adapting in life’s unexpected circumstances.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Boost in self-esteem.
  • Improved fine motor skills.
  • Fine-tuned coordination between body & mind.
  • Greater ability to control impulses.
  • Outlet and release for emotionally challenged times.
  • Emotional maturity.
  • The ability to know how to communicate with body language
  • Heighten intuition, feeling and sensitivity.

The course will merge high standards of dance training with healing and spiritual practices.

Usually dance-healing practices have been more received by people who feel it is not that physical or demanding practice.

At PADHA one year program, we are integrating physical dance training, embodied somatic practice, healing and spirituality.

Dancing For Healing

The aim of this program is to advance understanding and embodiment of the healing properties of dance and by integrating healing modalities, meditation and energy work, to bring contemporary dance in the forefront of dance practice for boosting healing and  overall well-being.

Dance, both old and new, is also being used specifically to promote health and wellbeing. However, we used to practice dance to honour Earth, our ancestors and also to celebrate being together as human being. We have, nowadays, lost somehow the ritualistic and healing aspects of dance.

Ritual is in fact an inevitable component of culture, extending from the largest-scale social and political processes to the most intimate aspects of our self-experience.

A ritual is an ordered sequence of activities that involves movements, gestures, bodies, text, music and objects, performed in an appropriated and well-prepared place, connecting with the environment and elements of nature to heighten energy, heal, dedicate and devote the act to a higher cause and purpose.

In this program we will be introducing the term ChoreoRitual which is the arrangement (composition) of and an agreement between the performers, and object(s) manipulated by the performers in the appropriate environment, towards creating the desired plot (dramaturgy) for a unified whole (Mise en Scene) to create and convey a contextual meaning to heighten energy, heal, dedicate and devote for a higher cause and purpose.

What is vital here to acknowledge, is the intention of why we do what we do and how we construct our environment and behavior to fulfil our intentions.

A passage for dance as a spiritual and ritualistic practice will encompass:

• Somatics
• Embodiment
• Performance
• Energy, right use of

The above process has been for long an integral practice in dance education. How can we approach them and what other disciplines can we integrate to enhance that process, and moreover transform our dance practice to spiritual, healing and transcendental aspects of our life?

This program will offer you all aspects, – Theoretical & Empirical – to learn and embody a strong dance and healing practice to perform, choreograph, teach and transmit it to the world.

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