Unity Space team welcomes you to experience our courses that are tailored to create new creative and innovative teachers in dance and healing in the 21st Century.
We offer Facilitators Training Courses & Teachers Training Courses, Advanced Teachers Training Course, 1 Year Certified program, as well as shorter Immersion Educational Courses on specific modalities of dance, somatics, healing and spirituality.

Join our courses to delve deeper in the understandings and embodiment of human being-ness and interpersonal relationships.

Contact Beyond Contact | Facilitators Training Course (CBC | FTC) Level 1 – 4

Dance is a social and integrative practice that connects people. We are passionate about dance and endorse dance as an accessible healing practice for all. We believe that everybody can dance and that everybody has the capacity to facilitate a dance and healing session. Contact Beyond Contact (CBC) is a dance and healing practice that is an amalgamation of profound disciplines that in its core value brings a holistic understanding and embodiment to people of all cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, professions, genre, and ages. Facilitators Training Course is designed for those who have the intention to bring unity, love and holistic well-being to the world with CBC practice and it is a course through which you will become a capable facilitator to genuinely hold space for others and create safe environments of transformation and healing.

Integrative Somatic Arts | Teacher Training Course

Integrative Somatic Arts TTC is a movement practice that has as a main focus to bring body, mind, heart and spirit in alignment without its aim to be to dance. Dance is a part of the course however main focus will be given on Somatics & Experiential Anatomy, Bartenieff, Laban Movement Analysis, Yoga & Qigong, Thai Massage, Reflexology, Craniosacral and voice work. The ISA | TTC Teacher Training Course will allow you to teach somatic practices at studios, schools, universities and other educational institutions upon completion of the program. The course is designed for all people from diverse backgrounds and dance artists who wish to bring a new unique approach in their life and career.

Gliding Space | Teacher Training Course

Gliding Space is a dance practice that is an integration of the dance languages of Flying Low & Passing Through, Release Contemporary, Somatics & Experiential Anatomy with the practices of Yoga & Qigong, Thai Massage and Craniosacral. Teacher Training Course will focus on deepening the practice and understanding of Gliding Space and it will allow you to teach this practice at studios, schools, universities and other educational institutions upon completion of the program. The course is designed for dance artists who have had dance experience through dance studies or coherent studies in dance outside tertiary dance education.

Embodied Unity | Advanced Teacher Training Course

Embodied Unity is a practice and a philosophy out of Vangelis Legakis’s 25 years of experience. It integrates the profound disciplines of dance, qigong and yoga as well as the philosophies of Hindu, Buddhism and Taoism. Advanced Teacher Training Course is designed for those who have already completed CBC|FTC Level 1-4 with some experience in teaching / facilitating CBC practice and for dance artists who have completed Gliding Space TTC. This course allows you to delve deeper in eastern philosophies to integrate within dance for a heightened embodied state from which you can share the gift of dance and healing with communities, schools, dance classes, universities and other educational institutions.

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