The schedule is subject to change according to the organisation’s needs. The organisation will inform all participants at the earliest possible for taking measures and decisions accordingly. No responsibility is held by the organization if the schedules has to change.

The Schedule can be downloaded here

PADHA Schedule


Daily Schedule:
Each day you will work approximately 6-7 hours that will include dance training in technique, choreography and performance, creation, improvisation and also classes in healing modalities, meditation practices and spirituality.

For a detailed daily schedule and for more information email as at

Semester and week breakdown:

1st Semester
3 March – 3 April in Mexico – Oaxaca City
4 April – 30 April in Mexico – Sayulita
1 May – 17 June in Mexico – San Luis Potosi
18 June – 30 June in Ecuador – Quito
2nd Semester
21 August – 30 September in Indonesia – Bali
1 October – 24 November in Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
25 November – 1 January 2024 in Mexico – Oaxaca City & Other



Weeks 1-4:
Focusing on intensive workshops in somatics, dance technique, experiential anatomy, choreography & performance and Repertoire

Weeks 5&6:
Taking the Facilitators Training Courses CBC Levels 1 & 2. The focus is on the body and mind integrating qigong, yoga, thai massage with Authentic Movement, Contact Improvisation and Passing Through. The courses will also focus on the teaching aspects of the CBC practice for you to be able to transmit and teach CBC.
Weeks 7&8:
Taking intensive workshops in physical training, thai & deep tissue massage, abdominal massage, yoga, qigong and meditation trainings.
All modalities will be taught separately and be integrated within dance practice.
Weeks 9-13:
A new research and development for a new dance production.
Being part of a festival to present work from the Unity Space AiR Latin America residency. Collaborations between the PADHA participants and local dance artists to create new dance production and perform at the festival.
Weeks 14-15:
Taking intensive training with different teachers and being part of a local festival East Point West
Weeks 16-17:
Taking intensive training with different teachers and being part of a local festival in Ecuador.
Weeks 1-2:
Taking intensive training with different teachers.
Weeks 3-6:
Taking the ISA | TTC which will allow you to deepen your understanding, practice and teaching, specifically focusing on somatics, healing and spirituality.
Weeks 7-10:
Taking the one month intensive training Gliding Space technique where Vangelis Legakis and other teachers will be teaching. This is the second teachers training course delving deeper in the dance and healing practice and teaching.
Weeks 11-15:
1) self directed mentored choreographic work
2) work with an established choreographer who will create a new production for the PADHA group to perform.
Weeks 16:
Performances of the creation
Weeks 18-20:
Working with Vangelis Legakis and international teachers. We will focus on the integration of Dance Techniques, Performance, Choreography with healing and spirituality. This period will include your teaching and performance final exams.
12 December 2023 – 1 January 2024 you will be part at the 11th No Borders project where you will collaborate with other invited international artists to create new productions. This last period will be a moment of celebration. You will have the opportunity to freely apply all your knowledge and experience with new international artists. Final performances will be at the Blanco Museum.

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