Who is CBC | FTC For?


This training course is for:

  • dance artists, healers, therapy practitioners, psychologists, yoga, qigong and martial arts practitioners, dance therapists, shamans, counselors and people who are involved in community work.
  • executive directors, managers, business people who wish to enhance their leadership skills to lead a group of people or a company to its greatest success and fulfillment.
  • people who are driven to make a change in this world to live in harmony and love with one another.
  • people who have a true calling for facilitation and a sincere feeling from within to support the growth of others.
  • people who want to learn more about themselves and how to relate with others, helping to build strong relationship bonds.
  • practitioners who already teach dance and/or heal and wish to enhance their practice.
  • people who love dance and movement and wish to integrate this passion into a meaningful career.

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