What is the Facilitators Training Course (FTC) and how is it different from a Teachers Training Course (TTC)?

The main difference lies in the words ‘teacher’ and ‘facilitator’. A teacher is someone with the knowledge and expertise, whereas a facilitator is still in the process of learning, and from that place, is offering their support and current knowledge to the group.

With the Facilitators Training Course (FTC), you will gain vital understanding and experience on how to facilitate a workshop, a class or an open dance space, integrating energy work and healing. To facilitate such an event is not about teaching the participants certain skills, but rather about creating the right and safe environment to hold and guide the participants in their journey. The aim of a facilitator is to allow the participants to discover different aspects of their expressivity through dance, creating a space of transformation and healing. Only at level 4 of the CBC|FTC course will you be experienced enough to teach all of the skills and practices in depth for the Level 1.

Upon the completion of CBC | FTC Level 3 (75HRS), you are eligible to take CBC | Teachers Training Course Level 4 (125Hrs), which will certify you with a 300hr Teacher Training.

After completing the TTC Level 4, you will become a CBC Teacher who is certified to educate and train new CBC facilitators around the world and only by invitation by Unity Space will be able to lead the CBC | FTC Level 1 Foundations Course.

Break down: Level 1 (50 Hrs), Level 2 (50 Hrs), Level 3 (75 Hrs), Level 4 (125 Hrs).


Do I need to have dance practice or training before I enroll in FTC?

No, it is not necessary to have dance training nor practice for level 1 & 2, however we do advise that you gain some experience in other embodied and movement practices. This can be yoga, martial arts, qigong, tai qi, bodywork, healing therapies, sports and any other activities that allow you to develop a certain level of body awareness.

For the final TTC level 4, it acquire (or have acquired) a diploma or certificate in either Yoga, Qigong, Thai & Abdominal Massage, and/or any of the healing modalities that have been demonstrated and integrated in the CBC course; and/or any higher education in Dance studies, psychology or psychotherapy,


Will I receive a certificate after FTC and if yes, will I be able to facilitate a session right after the course finishes?

Yes, you will receive a certificate accredited by Unity Space and will be able to facilitate a session right after the completion of your course. The length of time it takes for you to begin facilitating will depend on your integration of the practices. It is up to you to keep the knowledge fresh and embodied within yourself.  It must be noted that education is very important to us, therefore we will only certify people that we feel are ready to facilitate a CBC event.


Where will I be able to facilitate a session after completing the FTC course?

You will be able to facilitate in different venues such as dance and yoga studios, community and arts centers and any other spaces that accommodate dance practice.


Will I be able to teach other people what I have learnt in the FTC course?

From this course, although it is a Facilitators Training Course, there are foundational skills that you will learn which you will be able to transmit to other people. The teacher who runs the course will prepare you well enough to embody the knowledge and skills from the course before graduating.


Where will I be able to stay and how much will it cost?

We do not include the accommodation unless it is specified in the course. Check on the website in advance or contact us for more information.


How do I get to the studio/accommodation from the airport and how much should it cost?

Once you have contacted us personally, we will guide you in detail.


Do I need to prepare or purchase my own food during the entire course?

You will need to cover your own meals, however the organization will cover a healthy final dinner upon completion of the course. Where it is specified, the meals will be included together with the accommodation, depending on the venue we host the course.

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