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Congratulation and welcome new CBC Facilitators!

Now, your journey as a CBC Facilitator begins.
Wherever you are in the world you can facilitate a CBC event. You are contributing in co-creating a creative and safe space for your participants who will experience a unique journey in dance and healing.

We are here for you and we wish to inform how we can also further contribute into the CBC Family & Community we are building together.

  1. You may advertise your upcoming CBC sessions through our website (CBC Sessions Finder Page) and we will help you to share your events on our social media posts.
  2. If you like to re-take or assist at another CBC | FTC (same level you have already taken), you may participate with 50% discount for the first time and free of charge for the second time. Vangelis teaches every course slightly different according to the group he has, thus it will always be beneficial for you as new facilitators to keep connected and join future CBC | FTC courses even if it is the same Level you have already taken.
  3. You can participate in CBC sessions facilitated by other certified facilitators free of charge as long as you support, spread the news to your social circles, and bring people to join the sessions.
  4. When you refer people to book at the next CBC | FTC, we will offer you a profit of 7% from the total tuition paid (only applicable for booking level 1).
  5. When you refer people to book at the next CBC | FTC, we will offer you a 7% discount for the next CBC course you book.
  6. If you wish to organise a CBC | FTC Level 1 Course for Vangelis Legakis to teach in your city or community, we will offer 20% profit from the net income.

*For the offers 4, 5, & 6 there are terms and conditions may apply. Please contact us at cbc@unityspace.org for more information so we can coordinate with you.

CBC Copyright Policy

CBC practice was developed by Vangelis Legakis and is accredited under the organization Unity Space. Therefore, we kindly ask you to follow the specific copyright policy stated as below:

CBC practice was created by Vangelis Legakis and is accredited under the organization Unity Space; therefore, we ask you:


  • Mention Vangelis Legakis as the creator and founder of the practice at every session and guide interested participants to learn more about CBC and study with Van & Unity Space.
  • When Vangelis Legakis is at the CBC event you’re facilitating, introduce him at the beginning or the end of the session depending on the current conditions.
  • When Vangelis Legakis is in the town/city where you and other facilitators facilitate recurring classes, Vangelis will take priority to schedule to teach certain upcoming class(es). If there is a need for Vangelis to teach CBC for more classes, he will decide which additional classes to take.
  • To continue to grow personally and as a CBC Facilitator world community, at the end of every session, ask at least one fellow CBC Facilitator for constructive feedback and if no CBC Facilitators are present ask at least one participant for their constructive feedback.
  • As a CBC facilitator you can be part at any CBC session across the world for free.

Advertising your event (on flyers, posters, social media, and other media):

If you wish to facilitate a CBC session/event/class, you need to mention all related credits of the practice in your advertisement and promotion.

  • Please make sure to use the official name: Contact Beyond Contact on your advertisement headings, to avoid confusion. Short form: CBC can be used after you mention the complete name of the practice.
  • On your profile / advertisement, please make sure to identify yourself correctly.  FTC Level 1-3: Certified CBC Facilitator Level 1 to 3. FTC Level 4 | Teacher Training Course: Certified CBC Teacher
  • CBC Description – You may use this information from the following text: “CBC is a movement practice that integrates Contact Improvisation (CI), Passing Through (PT), Authentic Movement (AM) with Yoga, Chi Gong, meditation and healing modalities. The aim and vision through this practice is to create a transformational environment for true connection and healing in which we can unite all people from different cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, gender and ages. An important practice in CBC is the focus we bring on all the human senses, on healing modalities as well as on energy work through Qigong and Yoga philosophies. This integration will allow us to genuinely connect from the heart within the self, with an-other, with the environment as well as with nature beyond the means of physical contact. There is an incentive of nurturing communication beyond language and normal means, thus to enhance the metaphysical aspects of the human organism.”
  • Please make sure to include the following text, to acknowledge the creator / founder: “CBC was created by Vangelis Legakis and is an accredited practice under the organization Unity Space (www.unityspace.org
  • Please include all the original logos: Unity Space & CBC.
    • For the original logo data, please contact us (cbc@unityspace.org)
    • Changing of colors, cropping, or editing is strictly prohibited.
  • If you need help with any CBC related photos for your advertisement, please contact us. In this case, we will also ask you to include a photo credit as well. For the CBC | FTC you participated the credit of the photographer you may use is:
    • Photo Credit: Photographer’s Name
  • If you are familiar with hashtags “#” on social media, please include some of the following:
    • Unity Space Instagram account: #unity_space
    • To promote specifically CBC: #CBC, #contactbeyondcontact
    • For greater outreach, you may use: #contactimprovisation, #CI, #dance, #passingthrough, #danceandhealing, #dancetherapy, #danceandlife
    • … and any other you may think that will add value and enhance your event.


Posting Photos & Videos on Social Media:

When you post any photos or videos from your CBC events on social media, please make sure to include all the necessary information, including but not limited to:

Practice: Contact Beyond Contact
Facilitators Name: Facilitate by: your name
Acknowledgement of the Practice:
“CBC was created by Vangelis Legakis and is an accredited practice under the organization Unity Space (www.unityspace.org)”
Logos (if possible): CBC & Unity Space
Hashtags (if possible):

  • #unity_space
  • To promote specifically CBC: #CBC, #contactbeyondcontact
  • For greater outreach, you may use: #contactimprovisation, #CI, #dance, #passingthrough, #danceandhealing, #dancetherapy, #danceandlife

The above information is not necessary to be included in the exact manner we wrote here, please feel free to be creative and bring your own expression as you feel best. For example, instead of writing the full phrase: “CBC was created by Vangelis Legakis and is an accredited practice under the organization Unity Space (www.unityspace.org)you can write “warm thanks to Vangelis Legakis for teaching this practice …”.

We will not try to police anyone; however, we wish you can understand the importance of crediting and valuing the practice you learnt.


Facilitating CBC Event

When you decided to facilitate an event using CBC name, we kindly ask you to inform the details of the event in advance (i.e. location, dates, name of the event) at Unity Space (cbc@unityspace.org). This way we can help you to promote your event on our website as well as we can refer your events to the people nearby, who are interested to experience CBC.

If you wish Unity Space and Vangelis Legakis to assist you more in starting and continuing your CBC event, or for any other assistance and support, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to support and help you to move forwards in this journey by promoting your event, creating an event in our FB Unity Space page, promoting in our emailing list as well as in our worldwide festivals and projects. At the occasion Unity Space, Vangelis Legakis need to be involved in a greater extent, we will personally negotiate and liaise with you to have a certain financial contribution for covering necessary expenses we will need. This will contribute in continuing running Unity Space as a Non-For Profit Organisation to support and offer more to the world.


Integrating CBC Practice / Information into your own teachings:

 If you wish to integrate any information and practices from CBC to enhance your own work, we kindly ask you to mention where the exercises and tools you use come from. Some exercises and tools do come from different modalities and practices such as Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Passing Through, Yoga, Qi Gong and other, however, the way you were taught them is through the unique practice, experience and knowledge of Vangelis Legakis over many years of teaching research and development. We will be grateful when you acknowledge and respect the practice and the creator as well as the hard work over many years Vangelis has put into this practice to share and teach it to the world.



To make sure our practice is protected against misuse and infringement by others and to maintain its purpose and its level of quality, we kindly ask you to strictly follow the copyright policy that is written above. It is very important for every CBC facilitator and teacher to understand the importance of this policy and follow our suggestions so we can all support each other. Failure to follow the copyright policy may result in rescission of certification and discontinuing the right to teach under CBC facilitator.


CBC sessions can be facilitated by anybody who finished the FTC course level 1, 2 or 3. Participants who finish Level 4 will have an extra curriculum practice through which they will be accredited to become teachers for the CBC Level 1.


At no circumstances anyone who has finished CBC Levels 1,2,3 can teach any of the practices. These courses allow you only to facilitate and not to teach.

Safety Notes

CBC sessions can be facilitated by anybody who finished the FTC program level 1 and beyond. However, that has been said, we would like to emphasize that CBC is a practice that has been created over years of practice and research, which aims to heal and alleviate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disharmony; it is a practice to connect people and bring integration, love and unity to all people. Therefore, facilitating a CBC event with right intention with right environment is one of the important key factors, which you need to consider when you become a facilitator.

As you might have experienced, CBC Practice can be a very powerful practice physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is a practice that work very closely to the heart and mind as well as a physical body, therefore we would like to advise you to pay an extra attention to the followings, but not limited to:

  • Venue
  • Environment (Can it create a safe and clean space for the participants?)
  • Size (Is the size big enough for all the participants?)
  • Floor (Is it suitable for dancing?)
  • Participant’s body condition
  • Any special body, mental, emotion condition you need to be aware of? (i.e. High blood pressure, heart condition, pregnancy, chronic disease, injuries). Do ask all participants at the beginning of the session so as to have a general overview of their current condition, thus you will be more aware how to facilitate as well as will help all participants to be responsible for each other when they practice.

*Please note that Vangelis Legakis and Unity Space shall not be liable for any damages, injuries, or problems that occur during the event that is facilitated by any CBC Facilitator. For your greater protection, we advise you to have your own insurance that can cover you for such event, as well as you can have a document of consent that states “whatever happens during this session the participant takes full responsibility”.

For any enquires about copyright policy, or if you notice unauthorized use or misuse of elements of the CBC practice, send us an email to cbc@unityspace.org

We are very much looking forward to co-creating and spread the CBC practice to the world and contribute to a greater future for all.

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