MIRVA MAKINEN MOVEMENT SUPPORT & FLYING TECHNIQUES IN CONTACT IMPROVISATION Contact improvisation is based on the communication between two moving bodies that are in physical contact and [...]

Ea Torrado

EA TORRADO DALOY MOVEMENT Daloy Movement is a guided, durational and free-form dance practice that attempts to get its participants into a state of ‘flow’. But what is ‘flow’? Flow in tagalog is [...]

Dionysios & Danae

DIONYSIOS ALAMANOS & DANAE DIMITRIADI SHAPE SHIFTING We’ll start warming up bringing the center closer to the ground, building stamina and balance to find the explosiveness of the legs with [...]

Myrto Grapsa

MYRTO GRAPSA RELEASE TECHNIQUE The dance practice I will be teaching is based dynamism, release and performativity. Simple exercises will warm up the body and prepare you for dancing a fast-pace [...]


PIPPA & TARA JADE SAMAYA – DANCE ON FILM FOR PERFORMANCE Pippa and Tara Jade Samaya will bring their film collective The Samaya Wives to offer a workshop in creating dance for film. The [...]


  RODERICK GEORGE CHOREOGRAPHIC POETICS Roderick George will prepare three components of a contemporary class, improvisation, and repertoire. George offers a contemporary class that has been [...]


HELDER SEABRA PRESENCE & PERFORMANCE Workshop information coming soon! Helder will be teaching as part of the Choreography Workshops during EPW | IFE Festival in KL. BIO Originally from [...]

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