I don´t really have a technique. All what I do is research, play, explore as much as I can. Both movements and performativity.
I find vocabulary, and I add it into the pocket. I take that vocabulary, and I divide it into pieces, and I keep on researching.
My exploration started through transformation of “Breakdance” language, and turned into other forms, shapes and dynamics. Right now it includes the use of the body anatomy, exploration of speed (from slow speed to fast speed), stamina, strengthening the strengths while working on the weaknesses, and the use of the qualities of the body to perform different characters. We will also explore how to make the so-called “tricks” become “movements”, and we will work on the creativity
and transitions around them.

We will explore possibilities of the body using the centre in different places in relation to the height of the floor and the different parts of the body, until we get comfortable to move in all the little corners of the body positions. There is a strong focus on the floor, but we will try to understand it in a similar way as when we move standing in two feet, focusing on the distribution and shifting of the weight, and relaxation before the momentum. We will also work on hiding the way we push the floor, creating illusions through miss-direction. In this workshop there is a balance between exploration, creativity, use of creative tools,
physical principles and personal vocabulary/material.

Akira will be teaching at the Unity Space Intensive in February and also together with Lali Ayguade will teach at the EPW | IFE in Kuala Lumpur in July 2021.


Akira (Pamplona, Spain), started dancing Breakdance informally with his friends. Over the years, he began to compete, obtaining more than 60 awards in Spain, France, Austria, Argentina, etc. At the age of 23 he began a transition towards contemporary dance and performing arts. He performed the duet Azala by Jordi Vilaseca Company. After receiving the Main Artistic Grant of Navarre , he did his artistic studies at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance). He has worked with the companies "Hungry Sharks" in Hidden in Plain Sight, with the company of Francisco Córdova "Physical Momentum" in the play TO BE, with "Roberto Oliván Performing Arts ”in its production“ Cuculand Souvenir ”, and he choreographed “ Ahotsak ”with Ziomara Hormaetxe. He also created his own solo "Home", with which he has been touring for three years, and co-created the duets “Gizaki” with Lali Ayguadé, “Hito” with Chey Jurado, and "The Inglorious Fortune of Being a Performer" with Dunya Narli. . Soon he will work with the Lali Ayguadé Company in its new big production“ Hidden ”.

Akira has also worked as the choreographer assistant with Lali Ayguadé for the creation “Shelter” for Verve Company.

He currently combines the performances with workshops all around the World.

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