The dance practice I will be teaching is based dynamism, release and performativity. Simple exercises will warm up the body and prepare you for dancing a fast-pace and dynamic class. I will be focusing the class on articulation, release and engagement of muscles and performativity.

Myrto will be teaching as part of the first module in Athens during March 2021.


Born in 1986, Myrto Grapsa is a graduate of the London Contemporary Dance School and the Greek National School of Dance.

As a performer, she has collaborated with Marianna Kavallieratos, Jorge Crecis, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, Jonathan Lunn, Athina Vahla, Simonetta Alessandri, Andrew Hardwidge, the Hellenic Dance Company, and Trumpet Creepers. She has appeared in theatre productions by Rufus Norris, Yannis Kakleas, Ηeiko Lange, Terre de Semis, and Aris Laskos. She has worked with the English National Opera and the Royal Opera House.

As a choreographer, she has presented pieces at Onassis STEGI, the ATHENS Biennale, the ATHENS International Dance Festival, the Greek Choreographers’ Association Festival and the ATHENS Video Dance Project, as well as on German 3Sat television. Since 2017, she has served as the artistic director of Artiria ATHENS. She teaches at the Greek National Opera Dance School and the Greek State School of Dance.

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