Sienna, YoungJoo Seo (Seoul, SOUTH KOREA)

Photo: Livi

CBC Facilitator
FTC Completed Levels: Level 1 & Level 2 

In my life, the moments that gave question facing my earlier journey were in the moments feeling disconnected between my body and mind. During my classic Ballet life for over 15 years, I had quite many injuries. Whenever I was stuck in any particular way, I had to understand not only my body structure but also my mental processes. Moreover, I passed through a severe anorexia and bulimia which showed a separation between the self and persona.

After subsequent years of depression in my life, I went to research and trained in Dance Art Therapy and Yoga. That journey and by integrating somatics, made me to understand and care about my mind and heart more. The relationship with myself and the connection with people and my surroundings opened the new journey to listen much deeper within myself but also to study Jungian psychology and existential philosophy. I realised that Integrity (integration) towards own self is the only way to connect clearly within oneself and people in relationships. Through the body and a fine tuned mind and heart, we can listen and respond more sincerely. By integrating body, mind, and heart, we can find the way to reach closer to our spiritual path.

Something sincere and deep that I find in Gliding Space is the connection through dance, healing and spirituality that has allowed me to reflect further in the interconnectedness of body, mind, heart and spirit. What I gained from CBC was a calm state by decreasing the “noises” in my mind and I couldn’t lie anymore to myself. There are myriad of influences by society, culture, family and friends already very early in our life. What is the actual inner voice and calling that can lead us where we need to be? This questions are hard to answer and they can come from a sincere feeling by delving deeper in ourselves: body, mind and heart. I wish to bring Gliding Space further to different communities and be of service to support other souls in the journey of their life. More specifically, my intention is to bring CBC to the younger generation and children to offer a substantial knowledge and experience early in their life.

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