Morning classes of this week will commence with Ballet by Emi Korfia 10:00 – 11:30


Elia Pangaro

Elia will be teaching as part of the intensive workshops in Athens during 22-26 August 2022 11:30 – 13:30

Captured by the aesthetics of urban techniques Elia started dancing at the age of 10. Through his training with various teachers, he began to form his movement signature.

He started his professional career as a dancer at 16 dancing in INC innprogress_collective directed by Afshin Varjavandi . Since then he started freelancing as a performer with many choreographers, directors and in theaters such as: Stefano Poda, Giuseppe Tornatore, Teatro Regio di Torino, Opera Royal De Wallonie, Paolo Rosini, Vangelis Legakis, Jose Agudo and others. In 2019 he is one of the founding members of MITS Collective and he started creating and co- creating performances around the world. He is currently working as a freelance performer and choreographer, creating inclusive, iterdisciplinary works with different collaborators.




The aim of the workshop is to explore how urban and contemporary techniques contaminate each other. Starting with warm up, to technique exercises, to sequences and composition tools. interlacing the different peculiarities of each world from start to finish.


Roos Van Barneveld

Roos will be teaching as part of the intensive workshops in Athens during 22-26 August 2022 15:00 – 17:30

Rose has been educated in multiple dance techniques such as Laban, Limon, Cunningham, Counter-technique, improvisation and floorwork. After studying at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam she decided to travel to the other side of the world to experience several healing techniques to integrate in her way of teaching dance. Her main focus as a teacher is to help students grow in their technique as well as in their personal life. She uses dance as a journey to explore themselves in their whole being which includes body, mind, emotions and spirit.


The 5- day workshop consists two different aspects: the first 1.5 hour will focus on going trough contemporary based phrases and exercises. The most important goal for this is to stimulate participants to grow in their physical technique as well as in their own body language and who they are as a dancer. Within the phrases there is always space for creativity and authenticity. Next to the phrases and exercises we will be spending time on improvisation tools and open dance spaces to learn and inspire each other.

The second part of the workshop is called intervision to solve personal problems or challenges in the professional dance world. Each day we will discuss a case from one of the participants that contains something about being a dance artist. We will try to find solutions by asking questions with the main goal to stimulate creative thinking together. Next to developing creative thinking intervision is a method to develop active listening, growing a sense of empathy, asking good questions, innovative problem solving, and improving team work.

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