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We welcome you to the ISA | TTC.

Here you will find some answered questions you may have, so as to clarify few things that you need to know. If you still have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

What is Integrative Somatic Arts | TTC?

The ISA | TTC is an intensive Teachers Training Course specifically focusing on somatics, healing and spirituality. Somatic practices have grown a lot throughout the years and we wish to bring a greater understanding and focus in all the bodies of the SOMA – Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit.

We will focus the content of the course on the Soma; Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit with a special focus on Embodied movement practice for healing and spiritual growth for a solo practice either one-to-one or group sessions that focus on solo work.

To have a greater embodied and spiritual transformations, we will focus on energy work from different Eastern disciplines.

When and where is the next ISA | TTC?

ISA | TTC 2022 will take place at a studio / resort located in Ubud Bali, Indonesia, from  01 – 30 September 2022. The course is intensive working 5-6 hours per day over 5 days per week.

Is accommodation included with the course investment?

All the participants will need to be responsible to find and stay at an accommodation they will choose by themselves and the organisation is not responsible to find an accommodation for you, however we will be able to guide you where to look for to find a reasonable priced accommodation and also near the studio.

What does the ISA | TTC consists of?

  • Experiential Anatomy
  • Laban & Bartenieff Fundamentals
  • Yoga
  • Qigong
  • Craniosacral
  • Breathwork
  • Meditations
  • Philosophy of Buddhist and Taoist Traditions


  • Release Dance
  • Authentic Movement
  • Passing Through


Learning an intense and complicated integration of practices over a month is never enough. Each participant is also responsible for their personal research and development and deeper understanding of the practice for being able to share, transmit and teach SOMATIC practices in the best possible way. Unity Space and Vangelis Legakis will be occasionally invite participants who have good standards in the somatic practice to teach in festivals and projects. Eventually, Van and Unity Space, aim to create a strong team of teachers to spread Somatic and Healing Practices to different studios, academies, universities, institutions as well as in community centers to open the practice to all people from diverse professional backgrounds.

Who is eligible to participate to this course and how many participants you take?

This course is open for people from diverse backgrounds in dance, yoga, healing, spirituality, psychology, somatics and embodied practices. You are required to have at least some practice based on embodiment and education or a dance background outside tertiary dance education.

During the course, you will pass through a thorough and deep physical and analytical understanding of the principles of Somatics, Healing, Energy Work, Meditation and Spirituality. Towards the end of the course, we will have a final evaluation session for each participant, which you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding and knowledge of the practice by teaching 1 hours class shared by other 2-4 participants.

To Ensure the good quality of the course we will take 12 participants maximum.
The ISA | TTC is also a part of the PADHA – 1 Year program where another 6-8 professional dance artists will be joining the course therefore we invite only 4-6 extra participants.

Will I receive a Certificate and if YES, when will I become Certified?

Yes, you will receive an official certificate by Unity Space (digital and hard copy) after you have graduated from the course. After you become a Somatics certified teacher, and after further evaluation in terms of our professional relationship with Unity Space and Van, we will include your personal profile on the ISA Teachers database page on our website, where aspiring students can find the ISA teachers across the world.

If it is appropriate, we will also provide an additional support to promote and share your upcoming ISA classes on our website event calendar as well as on our facebook and Instagram pages if you wish.

A NOTE: Being certified does not mean you will be included in our database and website, this depends on different factors which we will discuss at the opening circle when we start the course.

  • To become a certified ISA teacher you need to attend all the dates and classes during the course period . At the end of the ISA | TTC, participants should have a good understanding of practical and theoretical aspects of Somatics integrating healing and spirituality, and should be able to embody and demonstrate the knowledge through the final evaluation teaching sessions.
  • The participants should also be able to proactively apply ISA theory and practice in their own practices. If these conditions are met and if the participant is able to confidently structure, build, teach and lead a ISA session, the participants will graduate and receive an official ISA Teacher Certification from the founder, Vangelis Legakis under the organisation Unity Space Global Ltd.

What does participation in the ISA | TTC Cost and do you provide scholarships or any other financial support?

The total investment of the ISA| TTC 2022 is:
1700 Euro
1500 Euro for students and concessions

500 Euros non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance of the application and rest of the payment will be due on the dates stated on the invitation letter. The payment plans available arranged individually with the organization.

For the students and concessions rates, we will ask you to provide a proof of valid documents.

We are not providing scholarships for this course. However, according to individual circumstances we can create a payment plan and collaboration on how to pay the full amount of the course. Do get in touch with us to find out more: [email protected]

What happens if I want to cancel after I made the payment?

The program has a limited capacity, and we select only candidates who we think are suitable for the course. As a not for profit self-sustained organization, we can’t take any responsibility for participants cancelling their attendance and therefore, full payments including deposit are non-refundable according to a time frame we have uploaded at your website. For more detailed information about Cancellation Policy, please refer to Terms & Conditions. However, if you could attend a future course, you may differ to another course date (within the same course) or you may give your spot to another person. The above possible arrangement will need to be within one year time counting from the original course commencement date, which you were supposed to attend.

For this reason, we highly recommend always taking out travel insurance, to allow you to reclaim costs in case of injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstances and flights.

Also we remind you to make sure to check your passport and visa status to the country you are travelling to avoid any problem with immigration.

How can I apply?

You may submit an online application form from our ISA | TTC website page here or you may send us your CV, brief backgrounds, and a letter of interests to [email protected].

Where can I find more information about Unity Space and your activities?

Please check the UNITY SPACE EDUCATION official website for more information on the CBC | FTC, GS | TTC, Embodied Unity | ATTC courses.

Also can visit the main website where we have all links for projects and festivals

Or you can send us your enquiries to [email protected]

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