Embodied Unity | ATTC Objectives

  • To create teachers in dance and healing practice who can guide and support people to find their true and unique path in life and career.
  • To offer a coherent practice that connects and integrates the individual self, fine-tunes the communication and understanding of relationships with others, and creates balanced, harmonious communities.
  • To advance dance education and practice in this current time.
  • To integrate high quality movement practices with healing, energy and embodied disciplines.
  • To offer a practice that nurtures and supports the flourishing of unity and harmony between the body, mind, heart and the spirit.


Our vision is to establish conscious dance practice as an all-inclusive heart-based practice for genuine connection, healing and human evolution.


Our mission is to train Embodied Unity teachers that can spread the value and importance of authentic human connection; for the individual, in relationships and in community.

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