Yoga means union, a union between the Yin & Yang, the Sun and the Moon. ‘Ha’ means Sun and ‘Tha’ means Moon, representing the union between the polarities of our existence. Yoga refers to the human body as a miniature of the gross existence of the Universe, for body here we mean the actual Soma, the comprises all five koshas we mentioned above. All the systems in the body, from the lymphatic to the digestive to the cardiovascular, to the muscles and organs benefit from yoga.

Yoga’s focus goes beyond posture, breathing, it allows to integrate our body and mind, to heal physically, psychologically, emotionally and furthermore it assists in finding purpose and the right intention in our life. The journey for practicing yoga is to transform untruth into truth, disease into health, hatred or unkindness into love and sorrow into happiness amongst other dual polarities. As human beings we aim towards what is most preferable so as to create a harmonious life style that leads to liberation and reconnect without primordial essence and consciousness which is called ATMAN.

Who are Yoga workshops for?

Yoga is for everyone who wishes to find a new inspired self within and reconnect with the world in profound ways.

Yoga will help you to understand your body, mind, heart and spirit interrelationship and how to channel your energy for staying healthy.

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