Embodied Unity

Integrative Somatic Arts

Embodied Unity is a practice and a philosophy out of Vangelis Legakis’s 25 years of experience. It integrates the profound disciplines of dance, qigong and yoga as well as the philosophies of Hindu, Buddhism and Taoism to:

  1. heal the self and unite Body, Mind Heart & Spirit (Individual-self),
  2. balance relationships (Relationship-self),
  3. find harmony in the society; Family, City, Country, World (Collective-self).

Within these three spectrums Embodied Unity also incorporates healing modalities such as Cosmic Healing, Reflexology, Thai and Abdominal Therapeutic Massage (Tsi Nei Tsang), Craniosacral, and meditation for a fine-tuned integration of the Soma. Embodied Unity is a continuation and a deepening of the practice Contact Beyond Contact.

The principle we follow is that we need to start primarily to treat the self for in turn to be able to treat the relationship and the society. Legakis has chosen these three core practices of Dance, Qigong and Yoga because integrated all together can bring a holistic and homeostatic state of the self and Other.

Dance: by nature, it is social and participatory, spiritual, all-inclusive and integrative

Qigong & Yoga: are more individual and introspective practices integrating energy, emotions, elements of nature and the body-mind-heart-spirit interconnectedness

Each one of these three strong disciplines encompass different styles and values.

  • Dance creates a unique self-discovery and growth as well as it creates a social environment in which relationships and group dynamics can develop in harmony. Dance encompasses: Flying Low & Passing Through, Contact Improvisation, Release & Experiential Anatomy, Performance & Choreography.
  • Chi Gong has a high focus on generating energy and making a good use of energy to fortify and unite body, mind, heart and spirit for keeping the human organism healthy and in harmony within relationships and the world.
  • Yoga also fortifies and unites body, mind, heart and spirit and encompasses diverse methodologies for the good use and integration of the 5 koshas (bodies).

Qigong & Yoga create a wholesome unity for self-development which is the foundations for the relationship and collective selves to flourish.

Thus, such integration can create a uniformity of the

Outer environment (outer-verse) with the
Inner environment (Inner-verse) of the human being

The co-creation and integration of both can be seen as the actual universe that usually we try to observe exterior to the self, however we forget to observe it within our own self; a human being that is social and interactive as well as solitary and meditative.

Embodied Unity has been shared and taught in many universities, academies and festivals across the world. It is the primary practice and philosophy Legakis created in 2013 and through this Contact Beyond Contact was emerged in 2016. Embodied Unity integrates and deepens the work on meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Thai Massage.

Who are Embodied Unity for?

Embodied Unity Class is open to all – whether you are an experienced dance practitioner/ healer or a complete beginner to dance, holistic and spiritual practices – Embodied Unity welcomes you to experience and practice. The class offer you a non-judgmental space to discover and deepen your relationship within yourself, with others and the world around you. The skills and tools are all inclusive and take each individual into account, making it a practice available for all bodies and people of varying professional, cultural and religious backgrounds.


Starting 2021, we offer Advanced Teacher Training Course (ATTC) for those who wish to become one of the Embodied Unity teacher to teach the practice.

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