Natalia Leroux (Canggu Bali, INDONESIA)

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CBC Facilitator
FTC Completed Levels: Level 1 & 2

I am Natalia, a professional life coach, facilitator Contact Beyond Contact and Alchemy of Breath (breathwork). I work with clients from all over the world.🙌.

Before I became a coach, I spent 12 years in personal growth trainings with psychologists, coaches and in ashrams with gurus, in order to truly get to know myself and restore order in the inner world.

Before this, I lived in utter chaos and was living in a state of deep self hate. My training and journey within taught me how to support my clients responsibly and create a safe place for them.

As a professional athlete and passionate woman who managed to overcome the strongest drug addiction (heroin) I have faith in myself and human strength that we can all reach a state of living in self love and happiness ❤

Alchemy of Breath – what you will be experiencing during the GS | TTC sessions with me
Alchemy of Breath is a breathing technique of “returning to the whole”, to its true essence.
It allows you to find long-forgotten psychological trauma, which is buried deep in the unconscious, but which still affect life, severely limiting it.

The most important effect of practice is the big liberation of consciousness from internal clips, blocks, unconscious fears, various mental tensions.
You get permission from your unconscious for the most courageous steps in self-realization and creative self-expression.

Duration is 1.5 hours
People who may need to avoid breath work for now;
cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, glaucoma, recent surgery, first trimester pregnancy, recent fractures, osteoporosis.

Contact: [email protected]



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