Liu Yan (Singapore)


CBC Facilitator
FTC Completed Levels: Level 1

For over 15 years, Liu Yan has cofounded and taken lead in many innovation ecosystems and platforms in China, the Netherlands, Australia and Southeast Asia, to bring people from different sectors, disciplines and cultures together to listen, to dialogue and to co-create, which include the first co-working centre Xindanwei – listed by Fast Company as one of the most innovative companies in China, Xinchejian – the first maker space in China, China Australia Millennium Project – the first 100 days incubator program to gather 200 Australian and Chinese top young leaders and tackle 20 global challenges. She spent significant amount of time mentoring, coaching and volunteering at countless early stage social ventures. Three years ago, Liu Yan moved to Singapore and began her entrepreneurial pursuit in poverty alleviation, education and inclusive innovation. She joined Base of Pyramid Hub as director and co-founded School of Gumption to develop social entrepreneurship among youth. Her expertise is in designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration on systemic design, human center design, social entrepreneurship and future impact creation. In parallel with her entrepreneurial work, Liu Yan also supports UNDP, fortune 500 companies and top executive learning institutes such as DUKE Corporate Education, Hyper Island and THNK Creative Leadership School with co-creation, experiential learning and innovation solutions.

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