Delphine Supanya (SINGAPORE)


CBC Facilitator
FTC Completed Levels: Level 1 

Delphine is an internationally recognised medical intuitive, holistic wellness consultant and group facilitator of transformational and integrative experiences.

During a near death experience at age 28, Delphine gained a profound understanding of the mind-body-heart-spirit connection. This enabled her to activate her own self-healing abilities to recover from 15 years of chronic pain.

Delphine has witnessed that through embodied and integrative inner work people can recover from anything and reach states of consciousness that provide us with the tools we require to handle any challenge that comes our way.

Delphine has studied under exceptional teachers and seeks to merge and adapt her learnings into integrative transformational experiences. Her teachers include Vangelis Legakis (Contact Beyond Contact), Amara Samata (Inner GuidanceTM), Tarra Tae (Reiki & Akashic Records), Johnson Chong (Yoga & Meditation), Fana Gueye (Inner Child & Shadow Work) and 15 years of Thai vipassana buddhist education and practice. Delphine holds 3 bachelor of Laws and 2 Master of Laws from The University of Law (2010), Sorbonne University (2009) and University of Cologne (2007). She is currently deepening her knowledge in bodywork, nutrition and fasting methods.

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