Dušan Jirásek (Czech Republic)

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CBC Facilitator
FTC Completed Levels: Level 1 & 2

Dušan went through a 17-year long journey of massage therapist, physiotherapist, massage teacher and owner of 3 massage studios. He overworked, burned down, then sold everything and went on a year and a half long trip to Bali and India, where he learned different ways of personal development from international mentors. He focused mainly on dance and movement techniques, awareness of his body and the resulting authentic self-expression. Now he focuses mainly on self-experienced dance workshops, men’s circles and Shamanic craniosacral therapy.

Contact: [email protected]
Website: www.dusanjirasek.cz
Blog: www.facebook.com/PruvodceMasera
Masáž R5E: www.ritual-peti-elementu.cz
Facebooková skupina pro maséry: www.facebook.com/groups/maserske.sdileni



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