Workshop for the PADHA program in May in Bali


A masterclass that invites the courage and openness to move beyond our cultural obsession with the physical dimensions of training. Jessica Angelique Gabrielli redefines strength and conditioning for practitioners across fields and practices, to provide a practical roadmap that both inspires and instructs on how to liberate our true expression of ‘life force’ which resides within the body. This session will provide you the opportunity to maximise your athletic and physical qualities for your own practice. To this end, the primary strength and conditioning objective is injury prevention, followed by performance enhancement.

This comprehensive session brings in a unique approach that focuses on the level of quality in engagement you can bring to your movement and performance, and ultimately the engagement you are capable of bringing to your life as a whole. Classical strength and conditioning training methodologies myopically focus upon the muscular system. Most fail to identify a clear relationship, intrinsic in nature, between the physical body systems and how they engage in a perpetual dance with the spiritual, emotional, energetic and mental bodies. This masterclass offers a tangible way to explore tools for managing the type and quality of attention and engagement required to optimize your greater potential for expression and longevity in movement. At its core this class offers exercises developed to create harmony, coherence and connectivity across elements including: mind, mobility, stability, strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and performance.


‘Body Work | Heart Work’ takes you into the new paradigm based upon training the integral nature of the human being and developing a strong, loving and open heart. Participants gain a novel approach that restructures thinking, attention and identity in strength and conditioning training to develop new possibilities. This one-of-a-kind approach connects your pursuit of pure expression, embodiment of rhythm, and connectivity with the timeless spiritual quest for awakening our vulnerability as the truest form of strength.

Will you discover how to leverage this rare intersection of spiritual practice and strength training and access your highest levels of potential? In this masterclass I look forward to sharing with you an integration of my own personal growth experiences as well as the experiences and principles that I have been teaching over the past 7 years in practice. Having a body that is working at a high level of effectiveness, a body that works and that the soul happily resides in, is one of our greatest treasures. Come and rediscover your life force with me. I can’t wait to meet you!


“The highest purpose of the human body is to become a clear channel for the light, and to be a manifestation of that light.” – The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior



Welcoming – 10min

Embodiment | ISOMETRIC Strength, ‘Stance & Positional Demands’ variables – 20 min

Taking In | PULL Strength, ‘Volume’ variable – 15 min

Putting Out | PUSH Strength, ‘Intensity’ variable – 15 min

Short Break – 10min

Trusting Others | ENDURANCE Strength, ‘Time Under Tension’ (TUT) variable – 20 min 

Trusting Self | ORGANIC Strength, ‘Frequency & Vibration’ variables – 20 min

Closing Circle – 10 min



Workshops for the EPW | IFE Festival in KL.

Where Forces Give Way To Form

Movement perceived as an art form, as a process of development and integration.

The origins of movement, human development and the study of kinesiology provide the base foundation upon which Jessica has grown her practice over the past seven years. With a background in fine arts, dance, gymnastics and yoga, Jessicas work has been dedicated to explore the capacity of the human body and the mind to work in concert towards reaching enhanced performance while nurturing creativity in the context of movement. Understanding what sets us in motion allows us to breach the barriers of what we think we can and cant achieve. Getting attuned to our own strengths and learning how to heal ourselves, while drawing inspiration from that process, is key to yield change and transformation. Move. Investigate constantly. Learn to grow and evolve in new ways and from the right sources. Inquire and give the benefit of the doubt to everything, to everyone and to yourself, as means to free up possibilities, re-establishing a connection to the light within your soul. Let movement become your meditation.

Founder of Foldenmove®, Jessica Gabrielli is a Movement practitioner, a facilitator and an artist working with a spectrum of methods to research and develop human performance, including physical movement, holistic health and creative expression. Jessica is currently based in Melbourne Australia, and runs workshops across Australia, South East Asia and Europe.


Jessica Angelique Gabrielli | Jagiroha®

“You are more than you know.”
Over the last decade Jessica has with deep reverence researched and trained the Human body using a unique choreography of movement disciplines including The Check Method, Contact Beyond Contact, The Spiral and Metabolic Precision.
She is dedicated to helping people across the Globe experience longevity and a deeply grounded connection with all dimensions of Self including the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual.
Now you can have access to Jessica online no matter where you are, what you do, or who you are:
With strength and grace I invite you to become A Human In Training™.
You are so much more than you know!

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