CBC Testimonials

“I learned to transform and release old patterns of myself while diving deep into the CBC practice. I got to learn to be more aware of movement, thought patterns, words and interaction with others. ” D.S

“Vangelis provides a safe space, that really allows all of the participants to drop into themselves and discover their unique role and calling… For me, Contact Beyond Contact represents the power of community and the strength that comes from authentic human connection. ” K.N

“Rare is it to find a movement innovator that so eloquently and powerfully resources from personal experience of time spent in dance, performance as well as in healing modalities such as Qi gong, Reiki, Thai Yoga, Body-Mind-Heart-Spirit interrelationship. ” K.F

“What I love about this practice is this sense that I can slow time or even stop it – that I am alive through every cell of my body, fully embodied, connected to people and the environment. It is the opportunity to practice the kind of listening, communication, creative confidence, playfulness, intentionality, adaptability, trust, focus, and acceptance I aim to bring in to my daily life. A.O

CBC offers a way to connect with and better understand my body and relationship to space, my environment, myself and to others. 

I live with a skeletal condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, or ‘brittle bones’. Although I have a mild form of the condition, I had broken more bones than Jackie Chan, by age 12. I took up dancing, since dance classes are cheaper than physiotherapy. ‘Dance and Healing’ is the perfect term for my transformational journey.

Only a month after I was first introduced to CBC and Van’s practice, I shattered my pelvis in an accident and underwent major surgery for it. I incorporated a lot of the modalities I had learnt from working with Van into my recovery and rehabilitation; managing to recover faster and less strenuously than I had experienced before, being able to recognise with my pain and discomfort and pass through.

CBC is unique in the intuitive nature of the practice. It flows and feels more like remembering than learning. It’s a practice that is open and accessible to everyone, and encapsulates and shares everything I want to communicate about my healing journey with dance, but don’t know how to – until now.

This practice has helped to transform my belief in myself and confidence in my abilities. M.S.

“This was my second time to learn about dance and healing, first time for my partner, he was a little hesitant but still dance around with me. We discover more about each other differences and preferences through movement.

We learned about resistance and conflict – how it helped us reflect on our relationship with each other. The more we resist, it will persist, when it happens, acknowledged it’s presence and let it go. What I realise from the experience was that resistance is just part of our life and we just need to learn to dance with it, don’t forget to stop, take a deep breath and pass through it. It was such a beautiful practice to be supported by a safe space to express oneself, embrace one’s presence, and connect deeper beyond contact. ” R.J.

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