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Performance & Contemporary



As performer Tina has worked and collaborated with companies and directors including Roberto Olivan Dance Company, Milan Tomá!ik & Co, Thomas Ryckewaert, Juliane Von Crailsheim and Cirk La Putyka. As independent choreographer Tina has created numerous performances and has won choreographic award with her solo ‘Shalakho’ and duet ‘Blue Gloom’. The latest 2018
production ‘KolaboRace’ is a physical theatre / circus performance featuring six performers and two musicians. Tina has been a movement artist for music video ‘ANIMA’ directed by Paul Thomas Anderson for Thom Yorke, choreographed by Damien Jalet, also several short dance films including ‘I miss my future’ directed by Laurat Delforge, ‘Singular Place’ in collaboration with Julyen Hamilton. She was a movement assistant for ‘Hey Darling’ directed by Tomislav English and was a movement director for ‘In Dust’ directed by Simon Riechel and ‘Nocebo’ directed by Angelika Novokrepovskaia. She has also assisted the movement department of Warner Bros. Pictures for the feature film ‘CATS’(2019).

Tina Afiyan Breiova is a member of Ferus Animi//Terra Nova research collective. Her teaching practice is influenced by training under Hannes Langolf, Cameron Shayne (MMA Budokon Academy), Proffesor Gui Arrashiro, Lloyd Newson, Linda Kapetanea and Jozef Frucek (Fighting Monkey), David Zambrano, Coral Ortega (Qi Gong), Chrysa Parkinson, Salva Sanchis, Julyen Hamilton and her time as a student at P.A.R.T.

Ferus Animi // Terra Nova was developed by Tomislav English and is a movement research practice based around the application of modern research in neuroscience, cognitive sciences and evolutionary physiology into training methodologies.


The workshop with Tina Afiyan Breiova will be looking closely at each individual in the group and with the help of the collective we will be trying to identify the gaps in one’s body and thinking.Turning inside out various movement principals we will seek variability and expansion of the intellectual and physical horizons. To provoke a strategic and problem solving thinking we will collectively choose limitations and restrictions which we will be working with.

Taking the Gliding Space practice we will be bridging the information with each person’s craft. We will be finding the potential in creativity and artistry across different styles, techniques and art forms.

We will be questioning the idea of being ‘ready’ and testing everything that is proposed constantly.
Encouraging dialog and demystifying accepted theories and seeing them from different perspectives.

We will be aiming to enrich the quality of the conversation that we are having with ourselves and observe how it shapes the relationships and interactions that we cultivate as humans.

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