Daloy Movement is a guided, durational and free-form dance practice that attempts to get its participants into a state of ‘flow’.

But what is ‘flow’? Flow in tagalog is Daloy. It can also mean ‘life force’; Daloy Movement, at its essence guides one to a deeper connection to his/her life energy, in other languages also known as prana, chi, ki. Daloy Movement allows the body, mind and spirit to coalesce, so the person can be and move in the actual present moment without self-judgment. Without self-condemnation. The body is a physical vessel in which we inhabit life for a very short time. Where our body is, there we are. Our body is our home. Daloy Movement is a dance practice that catalyzes intuitive, uninhibited, and free-form movement by tapping into the wisdom of the body through the four elements— Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Air element reminds us to consciously breathe. We practice meditating on the breath, our first dance, and our life force. And our right to be anchored in the present moment. When we embody Water as an element, we claim our right to our own complex emotions. Our right to feel the depth of our own authentic feelings. With Earth element, we practice feeling the solidity of our bones. To say No, say Yes, through our bodies but with authenticity and agency and strength. In the Fire element, we practice play, and our right to a joyful and even childlike expression that is shared and is free. From the element, Akasha or Ether, we practice doing ‘nothing’. We practice rest, our right to rest.

Ea Torrado will be teaching as part of the Elective Dance Workshops during EPW | IFE Festival in KL.


With 15 years of dance teaching practice and professional background in classical and contemporary ballet, Ea Torrado found herself questioning, ‘What are ways of moving, and being, that are good to (and for) the body?’

In 2013, she immersed herself in a wide array of movement-based forms such as Yoga, Reiki, Physical Theatre, Viewpoints Technique and Improvisation, to deepen her understanding of our physiology and its capacities.

In 2017, she was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Grant, where she went on an intensive study in New York, focusing on contemporary dance, somatics, dance therapy and improvisation.

Ea believes that dance can lead to a profound intimacy with the Self. Nurturing a space where dance could provoke self-reflection and mindfulness, as well as abandon and release, Ea guides each student connect to their own strength, presence and authenticity, reminding them that these feeling-states are something they can access anytime, anywhere, in their daily lives.

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