Alessandro Sollima

ALESSANDRO SOLLIMA (IT), started training contemporary dance in 2009 attending “MoDem” professional course directed by Roberto Zappalà(IT).  In 2011 he attends NSCD Northern School of Contemporary Dance(UK) and later SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (AT). Graduating in 2014, Alessandro worked with Simone Forti at Museum der Moderne, Salzburg. The same year he joins Milan Tomasik & Co, currently performing three different shows and assisting the choreographer during his workshops and creations around Europe. In the past years, deepening his artistic practice, he started choreographing, solo works or in collaboration with other dance artists, supported by Life Long Burning – ImpulsTanz (AT), Cullberg Ballet (SE), Network Anticorpi XL (IT), Scenario Pubblico (IT), Akropoditi Dance Center (GR). He is actively collaborating in the role of choreographer with theatre directors Veselka Kunceva in Bulgaria and Luisa Baldinetti in Italy. Aside to performing and choreographing, Alessandro engage himself teaching in different professional courses and Festivals such us Fontys ACaPA Academy of Circus and Performing Arts (NL), SOZO Visions in Motion (DE), SEAD (AT), Revés (CR), Scenario Atelier (IT), Collettivo Modem (IT), 9th International Art Laboratory (BG) etc…   Alessandro is also behind INandOUT 73% SiteSpecific Training, in collaboration with other movement practitioners an intensive site specific workshop for performers aiming to bring awareness from the body to the outer space.

Alessandro will be teaching as part of the intensive workshops in Athens during 15-19 August 2022.



“Movement is a muscle activation, in a specific direction in space, at a certain speed.” Playing with these parameters the class develops through different improvisation strategies and instant composition techniques, bringing awareness towards what is the essence of performing improvisation on stage: the present moment, here and now, and how it affects the body. Bringing awareness towards each self, in communication within the group and the surrounding space, the research encourages the dancers to bring the body on unexplored paths, activating their responsibility and self-awareness. It is not about how you move, but what moves you and why!

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