November, 2021 (includes 2 days break)

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Welcome to the LEVEL 4 CBC | TTC where we will guide you to experience, embody and integrate your body, mind, heart and spirit. We believe, together, we can make a difference in the world and co-create a harmonious environment for all people. Dance is a social and integrative practice that connects people. We believe that everybody can dance as well as everybody can facilitate a dance event. We are passionate about dance practice and moreover to endorse dance as a healing practice accessible to all.

Level 4 | Teacher Training Course, focuses the content of the course on the Soma; Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit with a special focus on the SpiritKarma & Untangling Karmic Bonds, Insight and Wisdom as well as on the behaviors of Deprivation and Reproduction.

After completing the TTC Level 4, you will become a CBC Teacher who is certified to educate and train new CBC facilitators around the world and only by invitation by Unity Space will be able to lead the CBC | FTC Level 1 Foundations Course.


During the FTC LV4 – you will

  • Intermediate practice on Buddhist philosophy on Karma, Wisdom and Insight.
  • Cover and practice the 5 elements, mediation and emotional release in the yoga philosophy.
  • Cover and practice the behaviours of Deprivation and Reproduction.
  • Practice and Embody Advanced+ exercises for CBC sessions by integrating dance styles (AM, CI, PT), healing and spiritual modalities.
  • Be introduced to the body-mind-heart-spirit interrelationship,  by focusing on the spirit, karma, sanskara and the art of detachment.
  • Practice and Embody advanced+ methods about transpersonal leadership, compassion and holding space.
  • Practice and Embody advanced+ practices in contact improvisation technique, qigong & Yoga (integration), higher meditation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Meditation to release childhood trauma, past life trauma and bring forth attributes in the present life.
  • Practice and Embody Advanced+ modalities for Core Integrity, how to energetically connect with one another and develop insight to detach and let go.
  • Practice and Embody Advanced+ modalities on the exteroceptive and proprioceptive senses for healing.
  • Practice and Embody Advanced+ modalities focusing on the music for CBC session.
  • Learn how to teach dance techniques, Qigong & Yoga included in CBC.
  • Learn how to teach CBC | FTC Level 1*
  • For full schedule outline please download the manual (pages 1-6) HERE


*For being a fully accredited teacher for CBC | FTC Level 1 you will also need to be part in three trainings of CBC | FTC Level 1

  • First as an observer how to teach
  • Second as a Co-Facilitator and an observer how to teach
  • Third as a teacher on specific days arranged by the organisation

In all sessions you will receive constructive feedback for becoming stronger and empowered to lead and co-facilitate CBC | FTC Level 1 courses.



A Tentative Schedule for 16 Days Program (includes 2 days break)

Note* This is only a residential course and can be taken only by invitation.


Early Morning (7:30-8:30) qigong or yoga practice


Morning (10:00-13:00) practice in dance integrating healing and spirituality modalities.

Lunch Break

Afternoon (15:00-18:30) practice will be focused on facilitation and what to take in account for becoming an experienced and professional facilitator in CBC as well as develop any of your personal skills and abilities at your work environment.

Dinner Break

Evening 20:00-21:30 (some evenings only) practice will be focusing on the facilitation of the participants with an audience (where is available depending on the place we offer the course)

*Please Note: Different schedule may apply for each location where the course will be offered.


Who can join this course:

For Level 4, the CBC facilitators, who has already completed CBC | FTC Level 1, 2 & 3 can register only by invitation.
Facilitators need to demonstrate clear dedication and commitment to the practice as it is taught, as well as to acquire (or have acquired) a diploma or certificate in either Yoga, Qigong, Thai & Abdominal Massage, and/or any of the healing modalities that have been demonstrated and integrated in the CBC course; and/or any higher education in Dance studies, psychology or psychotherapy.

We will also accept people who do not wish to become CBC | FTC teachers to teach the Level 1. This will need to be communicated and clearly arranged with the organisation and the founder of the practice.



Detailed information TBA


Application Deadline
Early Bird: 6 first places
Final Deadline: Until places are fully booked
*We accept 12 places only per course

CBC | TTC Level 4 (125 Hours)

1890 Euros (full tuition)
1720 Euros (early bird)

*Payment plans available for all courses arranged individually.

The investment includes:
Course Tuition, a CBC|TTC Facilitator’s Manual, CBC Teacher Certificate, and one-to-one post course care.

The investment does not include:
Food and accommodation during the course period. Extra costs will be applied for accommodation and food.

How to Register:
Click the button below to complete and submit your application form.
After we receive your application, we will contact you within 3 working days.
If you don’t hear back from us after 3 days, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us at [email protected]

Please Note:
*600 Euros Deposit is due upon acceptance of the application.
*Deposits are non-refundable and are part of the overall investment.
*Upon payment of deposit you agree with the terms and conditions of Unity Space for this specific course.
*Payment Plan is possible to pay in installments which can be arrange with the organisation.
*Deposit and tuition can be paid by bank transfer, stickytickets, paypal, or transferwise. We can guide you how to process the payment. (Please Note: Additional handling fee may charge depending on the payment option)
*The full payment for the course need to be completed within the specific dates coordinated by the organization. In the occasion you have arranged a payment plan with the organisation, the full payment will be completed according to the prearranged payment plan.
*Early bird and full course payment will be kept strictly on the dates stated unless it is arranged differently by the organisation.
*If you need to withdraw from the course after your registration, the Cancellation & Refund policy will be immediately applied. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

For additional information please contact: [email protected]

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